Other Products & Services of the CCCUL

  1. Dhaka Credit Health Care Scheme:

           Objectives, features & conditions

·         Availability of financial support at the time of sickness.

·         Decrease dependency on others for the treatment cost during sickness.

·         Increase of savings capital of the CCCUL [providing the health care facilities to the                          members].

·        One must have Savings Account in the CCCUL and deposit regular monthly premium to                  qualify the health service.

·         Adult members can be member of this product by opening their  Health Care Scheme                      account.

·         Children’s guardians can open account on their behalf.

·         Member above 50 years old, s/he should provide health certificates about the states                      Cholesterol, Diabetic, Criotonin, H.B/SGPT, Hepatitis B and ECG.

  •  Amounts of premium: below 25 years Tk. 50, 100, & 150;  25-45 years old Tk.50, 100,  150, 200 & 300; 45-65 years old Tk.100, 200, 300, 400, & 600 per month; and 66-70  years Tk.300, 400 and 600.This policy will remain active up to 75 years old members.
  •  The duration of this account 5 or 10 years and it is renewable.
  •  According to this product policy any member 0-70 years of age can deposit monthly  premium 50,100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 taka and get 50,000 taka to  3,00,000 taka  for medical expense by producing all relevant documents. 
  • 2. Share Protection Scheme:                                   

·          SPS premium is deducted from each member’s share every fiscal year.  Premium is .50                 taka deducted [from existing share] per 1000 taka per fiscal year.

·           Premium coverage is ensured for next one year. 

·           Highest 150,000 taka facility will be provided on share.

·          If a regular member departs with his/her loan, s/he will be awarded with the following facilities of this scheme:

                        Member’s Age limit

                 Share protection

                Death time age up to 55 yrs


     Death time age up to 55yrs 1 day to 60 yrs


     Death time age up to 60 yrs 1 day to 65 yrs


     Death time age up to 65 yrs 1 day to 70 yrs


                   Death time age up to 70 yrs


  Note: Family members of the deceased have to apply to claim the benefit within 90 days of the death in a prescribed official application form.

    3.    Loan Protection Scheme:

·          Loan protection scheme is activated after loan is sanctioned.

·         Monthly basis premium is fixed 0.50 taka on every 1000 taka.

·         A member can get protection coverage on highest 2,000,000 taka.

·         This protection will not be application if the member is not regular in repaying loan.  

·         If the member commit suicide, s/he will not be entitled to have the coverage.

·       If a regular member departs with his/her on-going loan, s/he will be write- off the following           percentages:

·       100 percent for General Loan and 50 percent for Product Loan are protected.     

                      Member’s age limit

                    Share protection

               Death time age up to 55 yrs


        Death time age up to 55yrs 1 day to 60 yrs


       Death time age up to 60 yrs 1 day to 65 yrs


       Death time age up to 65 yrs 1 day to 70 yrs


                   Death time age up to 70 yrs


Note: Family members of the deceased have to apply in a prescribed official application form to claim the benefit within 90 days of the death.

4. Dhaka Credit Union School: Dhaka Credit Union School was established in 2009 for the students irrespective of all religions with the mission of standard education at Kha-23/5, Joar Sahara, Nadda, Dhaka. Monthly tution fees for students are set at a reasonable cost. Presently the school is upgraded from Nursery to class IX. The total number of student is nearly 211 having a future plan to upgrade from school  to college & consecutively university.

 5. Dhaka Credit Ambulance Service: Dhaka Credit has its own Ambulance Service for members & their families’ emergency needs. Ambulance charge is 1,500 taka within Dhaka city corporation area. Cost for up-down will cost 1,500 + 1,500 = 3,000 taka. If the transport is used outside the city corporation, 15 taka extra per will be calculated on the total mileage [up-down kilometers]. If the ambulance is kept waiting, there will be no charge for first one hour, but after first one hour, per hour 100 taka will be charged.

For Hire Dial: 01716-399949.

 6. Dhaka Credit Girls’ Hostel: Dhaka Credit has started two Girls’ Hostel for the female students coming from remote villages in Bangladesh for accommodation & to have higher education in Dhaka city. These students often encounter accommodation crisis in the city. To solve this problem, the CCCUL has started hostel in its own building at Sadhonpara, [8/Kha, Sadhonpara, East Rajabazar, Sher-e-Banglanagar, Dhaka-1215 & MonipuriPara, 88/5, Dhaka]. This shelter provides the girls comfortable accommodation, low cost, standard meals, skilled management & 24 hours CC camera security. Public transport communication is also convenient from the location. 

 7. Dhaka Credit Gym: The members of Dhaka Credit, its savings account holders & their children can become the members of Dhaka Credit Gym.

Time schedule:

Group:            A         Male: 6 am–3 pm

Group:            B         Female 3 pm–6:30 pm

Group:            C         Male: 6:45 pm–10 pm.



Service holder / Businesspersons




            Tk. 1,000




            Tk. 2,500

          Tk. 2,000


                Half yearly

            Tk. 5,000

          Tk. 3,500



            Tk. 10,000

          Tk. 6,000

 8. Dhaka Credit Health Project: Dhaka Credit Union members can afford health service by the experienced medical doctor at low cost. At present doctors are available in the CCCUL headquarters [ground floor] from 6 pm to 8 pm [Saturday, Tuesday] & in Sadhonpara Service Center from 6 pm to 8 pm [Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday]. Members can get consultation & prescriptions in a friendly environment in these centres.   

 9. Funeral Support Fund: If any member of the CCCUL dies & his/her family appeals to this credit union to meet the funeral cost, Dhaka Credit approves 7,500 taka immediately [without any delay].

 10. Students Program: Meritorious but needy Christian students studying in college/university in Dhaka city have part-time working opportunity in Dhaka Credit besides their regular studies. This opportunity helps them get practical orientation & experience for their future career development. There are currently 60 students working in the Dhaka Credit Student Project.

 11. Monthly Samabarta Publication: Monthly Samabarta is the publication of Dhaka Credit publishes news items of the overall events & activities being executed throughout the month under Dhaka Credit. In addition, union’s creative writers are developed through their contributions [write-ups] & attractive products are advertised in this magazine. This publication creates connectivity among the members being the source of credit union information in Bangladesh. It also covers news & views of other Christian organizations & Churches of all denominations in Bangladesh. Children, students can contribute their own creative stories, essays, poems, autobiography & success stories. It helps increase & sharpen the writing skills of Christian youths & new generation. Samabarta is published regularly through direct supervision of an experienced editorial board headed by Dhaka Credit’s secretary, who is one of the four office bearers in the union’s management board.

 12. Handicrafts Project: The mission of Handicraft Project is to make self-reliant our poor women in the Christian society. The project is coordinated from the head office of Dhaka Credit. A good number of women have been trained up with handicraft products making & they are sold in the cooperative shop in the union’s headquarters.

For details: 9139901-2, 9123764, 8115622, 8114533.

13. Confectionary Training: National award winning trainer conducts the confectionary training to the women members of Dhaka Credit union. They can learn this skill to exploit their talents & use the learning in their families & differently.

For details: 9139901-2, 9123764, 8115622, 8114533.

14. Sewing Training: A renowned professional sewing trainer is hired to conduct training for the female members of Dhaka Credit union. Many unemployed members are now self-reliant & they feel to have self-dignity through this special endeavor.

For details: 9139901-2, 9123764, 8115622, 8114533.

15. Chinese Cooking Training: Chinese cooking training is provided to the female members through a renowned experienced chef. The female members are encouraged to have such training out of this source so they can get employment.

For details: 9139901-2, 9123764, 8115622, 8114533.

16. Bernard Mc. Carthy Library: The library is on the 5th floor of the Dhaka Credit’s headquarter. The library is equipped with different books including poetry, children stories, Bangladesh’s Liberation War and many others. The library has some 1,200 books in all. The members can borrow books & take home for study.

17. Archive: All documents, publications, essential papers including managing board’s meeting Minutes, all the reports of annual general meetings [AGM], different templates [forms], first published Samabarta [1986] & all its copies, union’s pass books of different periods, introductions of different products, 25 & 50 years’ jubilee souvenirs of Dhaka Credit are preserved & protected in the archive from 3 July, 1955.

 18. Spoken English Course: English is widely used in the world. Hence to improve the skills of English language among members, Dhaka Credit has introduced IELTS [International Language Test System] & Spoken English course. The course is conducted through some experienced teachers of British Council. So far more than 1,000 male & female students have successfully completed these courses. The course is offered in three batches, total 60 students can be enrolled in three batches. Course is conducted three days a week in the Dhaka Credit’s headquarters.

19. Dhaka Credit Cultural Academy: Dhaka Credit started a Cultural Academy in 2009 for cultural development of the growing generation in the Christian Society. At present Cultural Academy is located at Tejgaon Catholic Primary School & Nadda service center. Song, Classical dance, tabla, guitar & arts are taught at both the centers with the help of experienced teachers.

 20. Job Linking Cell: Self-employed is our aim & self-reliant society is our dream.’ This is the slogan of Dhaka Credit union. To fulfill this slogan into reality, Dhaka Credit has introduced the job linking cell based in the headquarters of Dhaka Credit. This cell helps the educated Christian youths link with different companies. Dhaka Credit collects the CVs of the interested candidates & provides them to the possible employers for recruitment.

The applicants must be a full member of Dhaka Credit union to qualify the service. The applications & CVs must be submitted to Dhaka Credit HR department & then s/he needs to keep frequent contact with the department.

21. Dhaka Credit Online News Portal []: The CCCUL introduced the online news service named ‘’ in Bangla. Its goal & objectives are to keep people & members informed of the day to day events being occurred in all its operational areas also devisional town & cities in Bangladesh. News items of other cooperatives, churches & social issues in Christian community or secular news at national level are covered in this online service. The CCCUL members living in any part of the world can be effectively informed of the CCCUL & connected for the clarity & necessity. Most likely this name [] is to be replaced with ‘’ soon.       

 22. DCTV []: Dhaka Credit has started journey of an internet-based television network named ‘’. Global audience including the CCCUL’s overseas members can watch its LIVE events, highlighted celebrations & also watch the same after the program is over; because all the video clips are uploaded on the site running round the clock. People around the world can browse to see the uploaded video programs.

 23. Samabay Bazar [Cooperative Shop]: The CCCUL stated Cooperative Shop which is well-known as Samabay Bazar. Initially one shop experimentally started in its headquarters in Dhaka, inaugurated by a State Minister & high official of government’s Cooperative Department. At this moment, two shops are being run commercially in union’s head quarters & Savar Service Center. Consequently the larger Samabay Bazars are to start in different service centers in Mirpur, Nadda, Pagar, Bandura etc. All the staff members in this shop are trained on marketing, purchasing & sale to make the shops lucrative & sustainable. Part-time jobs are available for the college/university students who can earn beside their regular studies to meet their extra expenses.    

 24. Dhaka Credit Security Service: In the beginning of 2016, the CCCUL came up with an idea of security service project. Accordingly it started Dhaka Credit Security Service by hiring a high official [retired] from Bangladesh government’s defense department. The goal of this project is to create employment opportunities for the appropriate persons irrespective of creeds and customs. Security guards, cleaners, caretakers, house-maids, peons, messengers etc are deployed in the CCCUL service centers & other offices as well via some appropriate arrangements with the relevant employers. The selected applicants are well trained & equipped with special security dress & other logistic supports to work in different service centers of this union & other institutions/organizations.    

For details dial: 01823-194109. Email:  

 25. Real Estate Project: Dhaka Credit launched its Real Estate Development project in its operational areas. Under this project, land is being purchased at different locations & high-rise buildings built to provide allotment to it its regular members. In the meantime, 27 members got allotment to have their flats. In addition, this project constructs buildings to accommodate & run commercial projects such as girls hostel, community center, guest house, Gym, credit union school, cooperative shops, doctor’s chamber, child care & education center, resort technical staffs recruited to take care of the construction works under this Real Estate Project.  

For details dial: 01715-267833.