Our People

Who can obtain membership at Dhaka Credit?

Any bonafide Christian of minimum age 18 year old who lives in Dhaka Credit working area can apply for share membership. It is prerequisite to open a general savings account prior to obtain share membership. A prescribed general saving and membership forms are available in the society head office as well as branch office.


As on June,2016 total numbers of share holding members are 33,842  savings account holders (Pre-requisite for obtaining the share holding membership) are 43,950. Out of 33,842 share holding members a total of 2,965 are holding Housing Deposit Scheme accounts (Giving preference to sell and distribute the apartment build by the society among to the Housing Deposit Scheme account holders).

Board Member

The current Board of Directors has been elected in the election held on January 31, 2014 for the period of 3 years.