Long Term Plan

Long Term views

Long term view of the CCCUL is to be a SMART and leading cooperative credit union in Bangladesh and South Asia to attain self-reliant and dignified community achieving values of SMART; such as Sound and Safe, Market oriented, A grade, Responsive to members financial needs and Trusted wealth advisor of members. The CCCUL has a wide range of views to

· Build Dhaka Credit Union Tower, with facilities of ChristianUniversity, International standard Human Resource Training Centre, Business Centre, Health Club and Shopping Mall for the community.

· Establish Christian Satellite Television and a Daily Newspaper which will cover news of cooperative movement in Bangladesh and throughout the world, Bangladeshi Christian values, as well as national and international news.

· Establish a Christian Medical College to provide health care services among the members and poor people of the country as well as to create efficient medical personnel to achieve National Health Service standard.

· Establish senior citizen home for the senior members.

· Create more jobs to the members and designing market driven financial products.