Education Seminar held at Rangamatia


Dhaka Credit has held an Education Seminar for the parishioners at a community centre in Rangamatia Catholic Church under Gazipur district, some 30 kilometers northeast of Dhaka city. Some 1,500 parishioners attended the 17 June [2016] seminar to gather deeper knowledge on various products, services and facilities of this 61-year old cooperative credit union established by an American priest Fr. Charles J Young of Holy Cross congregation in 1955.   

 Dhaka Credit’s official name is The Christian Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Dhaka [CCCUL], but is widely known as ‘Dhaka Credit’ to most of the people in Bangladesh.

The event was presided over by Joseph Bivas Gomes, chairman of Rangamatia Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. But other Christian dignitaries such as honorable president Babu Markus Gomes of Dhaka Credit; Nirmol Rozario, chairman of the Central Association of Christian Cooperatives (CACCO) Ltd.; Father Shyamol Rego, parish priest of Rangamatia Catholic Church;  Bupul Lawrence Gomes, treasure of Dhaka Credit; Shitol Gregori Pereira, chairman of Tumilia Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.;  Badal Benjamin Rozario, vice-chairman of Tumilia Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.; Pallob Dores, secretary of Tumilia Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.; and other local Christian leaders including Gabriel Costa, Sentu Gomes, Ruben Rozario, Rakhal Shubas Gomes, Barnerd Rebeiro, Subir Barnabas Corraya, Tumilia Union Parishad Member Dilip Costa, Joly Carraya, Usha Maria Costa, Shyamol Costa, Subrato Bonifas Costa were present.

President Babu Markus Gomes delivered a welcoming speech while Dhaka Credit’s secretary Ignatious Hemanta Corraya and director Pankaj Gilbert Costa provided an overview on all the products, services and facilities being offered for the benefits of the members in Dhaka Credit.  

Presently Dhaka Credit has some 35,000 general members, more than 40 loan products and other services for the Christians of Bangladesh irrespective of denominations. Dhaka Credit’s operational areas are four districts such as Dhaka, Narayanganj, Munsiganj and Gazipur. But Christians of all over Bangladesh living in Dhaka having their jobs or formal education can be its legal members. Its present capital and all other assets amount 500 crore takas [1 crore=10 million]. A 22-member managing board comprising office bearers, directors, credit committee and supervisory committee headed by president Babu Markus Gomes run the largest union in the country. This organization has nearly 300 regular staff members and many other irregular workers to materialize its smart dreams and objectives.