An Education Seminar held at Nagori


The Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd, Dhaka (Dhaka Credit) organized an Education Seminar at Nabajyoti Bhaban in Nagori on 15 July, 2016. Attended by some 1,500 participants, the seminar was presided over by Philip A Gomes, convener of Nagori Mission Education Sub-Committee of Dhaka Credit.

Babu Markus Gomes, president of Dhaka Credit was present as the chief guest while special guests were dignitaries of the Christians co-operatives and other social organizations. 

Nirmol Rozario, secretary general of Bangladesh Christian Association; Ignatious Hemanta Corraya, secretary of Dhaka Credit; Bipul Lawrence Gomes, Treasurer of Dhaka Credit; Prodip A Gomes, chairman of Nagori Christian Cooperative Credit Union Limited; Father Albin Gomes, parish Priest of Nagori Catholic Church; Jyoti F Rozario, Dhaka Credit’s advisor; Dhaka Credit’s Directors Peter Gomes, Proshanto Francis Rozario, Peter Ratan Corraya, Elias Pintu Costa; Mothbari Khudro Babshayee Samabay Somity Limited’s chairman Robert Pankaj Gomes; Nagori Credit Union’s adviser Siprian Rozario;  Nagori Mission perish  council’s vice-president Hemanta Gomes; Nagori parish’s youth representative Apu N Gomes; Nagori Union Parishad’s ex-member  Shormila Rozario; Dhaka Credit’s credit committee’s chairman James Nikhil Das; Dhaka Credit’s supervisory committee chair Purnima Maria Gomes; Dhaka Credit’s ex-administrative director Shiran Sylvester Gomes, Dhaka Credit’s ex-treasurer Bablu David Gomes were present in the seminar.

Among others were present Solomon I Rozario, Dhaka Credit’s credit committee’s secretary, its member John Nilu Chambugong, Antonio Prodip Reberio, Ananda Philip Palma, Dhaka Credit’s  supervisory committee’s secretary Papia D’ Cruze, member Dominic Ranjon Gomes, Pankaj Michael Corraya, Wilson Stephen Reberio in the event.

Babu Markus Gomes said that Dhaka Credit was established in 1955. After 61 years, now it is an organization having some 35,000 general members and assets of 500 crore takas. He also hoped that in 2020, Dhaka Credit would be an organization of 1,000 staff members.  

Secretary of Dhaka Credit Ignatious Hemanta Corraya provided an overview on multimedia presentation on general information of Dhaka Credit. Director of Nagori Christian Cooperative Credit Union Limited Jony Gomes facilitated the seminar.