Dhaka Credit observed International Mother Language Day 2015


On 21 February, 2015, like every years, The Christian Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Dhaka (Dhaka Credit) observed the International Mother Language Day (Ekushe February) with great enthusiasm with all walks of people. A delegation from Dhaka Credit led by honorable Secretary Mr. Ignatious Hemanta Corraya paid homage to the language martyrs of 1952 by placing floral wreath at the Central Shaheed Minar,Dhaka.

Among others, Director Mr. Pankaj Gilbert Costa, Mr. Peter Ratan Corraya, Secretary of Credit Committee Mr. Solomon I. Rozario, Member Mr. Antonio Prodip Reberio, Secretary of Supervisory Committee Mr. Thomas Lavlu Mondal, Member Mrs. Papia D’ Cruze, and Mr. Nicholas Cruze, Mrs. Jhorna Corraya, Mr. Swapon Rozario, Mr. Aldrick Biswas, Mr. Prodip L. Das were present.

The rally started in front of the National museum to the Central Shaheed Minar and the ‘Amer bhaier rokte rangano ekushe february’ song was sung all the way for paying due respect of the language martyrs.