‘The Christian Cooperative Credit Union Ltd., Dhaka’ well-known as ‘Dhaka Credit’ was established by, a Holy Cross Father, Charles J. Young in 1955 with a noble vision and a few objectives to provide Christian people of Dhaka an easy access to financial services to bring about positive changes in their financial hardships. In the beginning it was a small organization with only 50 members and a poor amount of share capital.
Products (Services): In the very beginning, Dhaka Credit focused on providing loan service among its members for their productive purposes based on collected share. As time flies, the demand of the time has been changed. Considering members’ extended need, Dhaka Credit has designed various kinds of savings and loan products. At present this organization is offering 14 savings and 27 loan products to meet up wide range of members’ demand. Savings products are designed to accumulate capital as to utilize by the members in forms of loan to make their life economically sustainable.All savings products have been designed to help build larger capital so they can utilize the capital to help make their life sustainable economically.
Size of membership: Dhaka Credit is a membership-based organization which pays high priority to its members. Though this organization started its journey with only 50 founding members, now it has become one of the largest cooperative institutions, not only in Bangladesh but also in South Asia having 33,842  members as of June 2016 (male 18,643 and female 15,199) and the number of savings account holders is 43,950 (male 24,262 and female 19,624).
Operational areas: In the beginning activities of Dhaka Credit were limited within the Dhaka Metropolitan City, which has now expanded to four districts such as Dhaka, Gazipur, Munsiganj and Narayanganj.
 Leadership: The current leadership, 22-member managing committee, has been heading the organization having taken diverse economical, social, cultural, health and human development programs offering different products, projects and innovative initiatives.  

Future dreams: Dhaka Credit looks forward with some future dreams. For instance, to construct a hospital named Devine Mercy General Hospital to ensure health benefit to our members and common people of the country. Land is defined at Asadgate with a MoU with Dhaka Catholic Archdiocese. Its design, drawing and plan approval are on process.
At a larger campus in Mothbari under Gazipur district, a Medical College and Hospital with Nursing Training Institute will be built after the Devine Mercy General Hospital is completed and experience is gathered here.  Necessary land has already been procured for this purpose.
Dhaka Credit has already launched on-line TV (dctvbd.com) to telecast live events, news and views of our cooperative societies to connect all our members residing at different parts of the world. But dream is to start a full professional TV channel. 
Daily Newspaper: Its soft version is on the run in an on-line news service form (www.dhakacreditnews.com). Its dream is to run a full professional newspaper along with the soft version  
Dhaka Credit dreams to create employment opportunity for at least 1,000 people by 2020.  
Management Committee: This committee consists of 22 members such as President-1, Vice-President-1, Secretary-1, Treasure-1, Directors-8, Credit Committee-5 and supervisory committee-5.
To be informed more about Dhaka Credit, you may please visit different sections of this website and make query by e-mailing to cccu.ltd@gmail.com